2019 Holiday Gift Guide

  • 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays may be a bit stressful, but gift-giving doesn't have to be. The experts at Rand McNally are here to make your holidays a little brighter this year with the newest edition of our Holiday Gift Guide. We've compiled a list of gift ideas for every person on your list — including yourself! So relax and let us take care of one of the hardest parts of holiday shopping with these gift ideas that are sure to delight. Take a look!

Travel Gifts

This one's for the adventurers — the ones who will jump at the chance to sight-see or explore a new place. We all know them (and most likely envy them!). If you're lucky enough to have these types in your life and on your holiday shopping list, look no further than these amazing travel gift ideas that won't break the bank.

OverDryve 7 RV™ Tablet with GPS

If you've got a RV enthusiast on your list, they'll love this top-selling GPS for RVs. OverDryve 7 RV functions as a RV GPS and Android tablet in one. Users can generate RV-friendly routes based on the specifications of their RV or camper. Additional tools come in handy when planning road trips, such as nearby campsites, parks, and other important, RV-specific points-of-interest. And when they're not driving, OverDryve 7 RV can be used as an ordinary tablet to download favorite apps, check social media, and stream music and movies.

Rand McNally 2020 Road Atlas

Don't let your adventure-seeking loved one travel without a trusty road atlas! The 2020 Road Atlas is full of up-to-date maps and tourist information. While a road atlas is a useful tool to always keep in the car, it can also serve as a sort-of scrapbook of adventures — some users like to trace their routes and look back on past journeys.

Worldly Escapes Coffee Table Book

Perhaps one of your holiday gift recipients is not a frequent traveler, but aspires to be. Give them Worldly Escapes, a travel pictorial that is sure to trigger their travel bug. This book is filled with 120 captivating destinations across the globe, featuring unique travel information and a series of beautiful photo-illustrated vignettes that will have them packing their bags immediately!

Pin Your Journeys® World Wall Map

The Pin Your Journeys wall map is a great way for avid travelers to showcase the places they've visited or plan to visit. The map measures 24" x 36" and features a black and white topographical and political world wall map printed on light-weight foam core board. An included pack of red push-pin tacks allows for easy marking of cities and places. Add a frame to hang as a cool wall decoration and conversation starter!


Gifts for Truck Drivers

Finding the perfect gift for someone who spends much of his or her time on the road is no easy feat. But don't fret — we have gifts for truck drivers, delivery drivers, and ride-share drivers that are both fun and practical. So show the driver on your list just how much you appreciate him or her with one (or all!) of these thoughtful gifts!

ClearDryve 180™ Convertible Headset

ClearDryve 180 is one of the few headsets on the market that also converts into a set of wireless headphones, making it perfect for use on and off the road. The headset can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device for hands-free communication. Simply convert ClearDryve 180 into wireless headphones by replacing the side pad with the second ear cup, and flipping the flexible boom mic up out of the way. Drivers can use the headphones during well-deserved downtime to listen to music or movies. Designed with drivers in mind, ClearDryve also features high-quality audio, active noise-cancellation, and all-day comfort.

DashCam 500™ Dash Camera

Dash cameras are great for capturing a scenic drive or traffic incident. Give your professional driver some peace of mind by gifting them with a dash cam this holiday season. The DashCam 500 is Rand McNally's most advanced camera that captures high-quality photos and videos. A convenient companion app makes it easy to save, organize, and share content.


Gifts for Hikers

Buying gifts for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen can be a daunting task, especially if you're not one yourself. Hikers can be particular about the type of gear they like to use and wear — and these items can get pretty costly — so we suggest something less expensive yet still practical. Whether your hiker is experienced or just starting out, they'll love these thoughtful gift ideas!

Rand McNally 2020 Road Atlas & National Park Guide

This take on the Rand McNally Road Atlas includes an in-depth guide to 60 of America's national parks. Each national park contains its own section, filled with photos, detailed park maps, and important visitor information. Plus, the 2020 Road Atlas & National Park Guide doubles as a complete road atlas, helping to guide travelers to one of these very parks!

National Parks Coffee Table Book

Explore 60 of America's national parks with the National Parks book. This hardcover book serves as a great coffee table book, showcasing each national park with a series of stunning photography, park highlights, and lodging information. Hiking enthusiasts can proudly display the national parks they've visited or plan to visit!


Gift Ideas for Kids

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving. Our line of children's atlases and activity books are full of learning activities that introduce geography and map-reading skills — skills that will stick with them for a lifetime! So try something a little different this year with these educational gift ideas.

The Ultimate Backseat Book

Tired of hearing "Are we there yet?" on those long family car rides? Banish backseat boredom with The Ultimate Backseat Book: 3-in-1 Kids Activity Book. Packed full of travel games, quizzes, illustrations, and puzzles, kids (ages six through ten) will be amused for hours. Included in this bundle is The Kids' Road Atlas, Are We There Yet?, and Coast-to-Coast Games — all packed together in one convenient take-along.

Map It! Jr. Series

Rand McNally's Map It! Jr. board book series is filled with colorful illustrations and enjoyable narratives to help foster a love of geography from a young age. These books challenge children ages two through four to explore their natural curiosity and begin to develop spatial thinking in a fun and exciting way. They'll enjoy exploring simple maps of the United States while learning about canyons, caves, rivers, streams, volcanoes, and more! All three titles in the series — Waterways, Landforms, and Roads and Trails — will delight both parents and children.

Geography & Maps Activities, Intermediate

Get kids excited about geography with Geography & Maps Activities. This workbook is packed with hands-on activities, colorful pictures, and interesting facts that will further develop map skills and world geography knowledge. For children ages nine and up, this book follows a fun action heroes theme. A beginner version is also available for children six years of age and older.


Home Gifts

Know someone who loves home decor? Gift them with a unique map or travel-themed decoration this holiday season! Elevate their interior design by adding a sense of adventure. Here are a few of our favorite home gift ideas.

Lithograph Wall Maps

This line of vintage-inspired artwork provides an interesting take on the world map, making them statement pieces perfect for any room. In her "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" piece, artist Wendy Gold's individualistic design brings the famous quote to life through the use of vibrant colors and graphics. "Butterfly Migration" features a world map enveloped in a mosaic of bright and colorful butterflies. Printed on 18" x 24" heavyweight, 100% recycled stock paper, this artwork is as eco-friendly as it is unique. Choose from an assortment of designs for one that fits the style and personality of your loved one.

Crystal Marquise 12" Desk Globe

Highlight any table, desk, or dresser with the Crystal Marquise Desk Globe by Replogle. Classic with a modern twist, the transparent 12" globe sits on a unique stainless steel axis base, creating a showpiece that is sure to stand out in any setting.

DIY Map Decoration

If you want to give something more thoughtful that won't empty your wallet, try crafting something using a map! You can cover almost anything with a map using a little Mod Podge, but here are a few cool ideas:

  • Picture frame covered with a map of the location that picture was taken
  • Map-covered letter(s) to hang in a child's room or nursery | For instructions, click here →
  • Framed heart-shaped map cut-outs of where each person in the relationship is originally from, and where they both now reside together
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